General Rules

I-40 Motocross is focused on providing a safe and enjoyable facility for all riders and fans of
motocross. It is expected that all participants will be courteous to other riders, staff of I-40
Motocross and other guest. I-40 Motocross reserves the right to refuse entrance and/or remove
riders from I-40 property who do not conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the general

– All Riders must wear required protective riding gear at all times, while on their ATV or
motorcycle. This includes helmets, goggles, long pants, long sleeve jerseys, gloves and over the
ankle boots. Chest protector and neck restraints are recommended.

– All riders are required to sign-in, in order to participate in any event. Race or Practice.

– Driver License or Birth Certificate is required. All minors must be accompanied by parent or
legal guardian or have notarized written permission; Guardian must have proof of Guardianship.

– The Guardianship Release form must be used for every event that a minor child participates in.
Race or Practice. If guardian is not present, minor must present form at sign-in to participate.

Click to print Guardian Release Form

– All riders and spectators will be required to sign all proper releases and waivers before
I-40 Motocross. Ride at Your Own Risk!

– No Play riding allowed in Pit Area. Riders not to exceed 5 mph in Pits at any time.

– Un-safe riding of any nature will not be tolerated.

– Spectators will be able to watch from stands or trackside in designated spectators areas.
Wrist bands must be worn at all times.

– No riders or spectators allowed in the scoring tower.

– No one except authorized personnel and participants are allowed to be on the track at any

– Inappropriate conduct on the part of any rider, spectator, and member of the family, team, or
crew will result in disqualification and/or suspension from I-40 motocross.

– All riders are responsible for family and crew; poor sportsmanship may result in

– Once you enter I-40 Motocross, no refunds are granted for any reason. Hand stamp
identification will be required for re-entry if rider or spectator must leave.

– Parents are responsible for their children AT ALL TIMES.
– Alcohol and/or drugs will not be allowed or tolerated at any time.

– Camp fires will only be allowed if you have a fire pit. NO FIRES directly on the ground.

– No dumping of any kind is permitted on I-40 property.

– Pets must be on leashes at all times.

– Repeat violations will result in loss of riding privileges at I-40 Motocross.

– Rain policy: No refunds, Rain checks will be honored if race is cancelled. If first set of
motos are completed and weather prevents second set, it will be considered a completed event.

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